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Writing Articles — A Low Cost Form Of Online Advertising

If you check out Wordtracker GTrends, a free keyword suggestion tool, and enter the keyword or phrase which interests you, you will be shown the number of searches carried out on that keyword or phrase. Click on the graph beside your chosen word or phrase and you will see the estimated number of pages listed in Google for it. You will also see the approximate number of visitors achieved daily by the number one listed page on Google. All those pages listed contain articles using your chosen keyword and that is the point; keyword rich articles are listed on the search engines.

The power of a content-rich website cannot be underestimated, which is why article writing is one of the most popular methods of internet marketing. The internet is a fantastic source of information and the place that the majority of people go to first when looking for data on a specific subject. Supplying information on popular topics through publishing articles is a guaranteed method of driving targeted traffic to your website.

So why is writing articles such a favourite with the internet marketing community? Here are a few of the advantages of using this particular method.

1. Cost

Actually, the cost is zero other than what you would already be spending in terms of computer related outgoings, e.g. anti-virus software and internet connection. The rest is completely share this site free, if you discount your time, which is all you really need; time, a computer, the ability to type and research materials. You don’t even have to buy the latter because if you don’t have hard copy books, magazines, etc., you do have the search engines and soon enough your article will be taking shape.

2. Timescale

Submit your masterpiece to some reputable and popular article directories which receive good numbers of visitors and in no time your website will be crawled by the search engine spiders. However, you must not forget to include your url and a brief biography of yourself or description of yu gi oh duel links hack cheats your site in the resource box provided.

3. Backlinking

Many of the good article directories syndicate the articles submitted to them, which means that they are also distributed to other directories. In addition, other website owners may set up RSS feeds on your topic, so your article may end up on their sites as well. The reputable article directories always insist that authors’ resource box details (name, url, etc.) are copied along with their article so before long, your website url will be appearing all over the internet.

4. Your Reputation

If you are trying to sell products from your website, no amount of traffic, however targeted, will guarantee sales. However, the more your articles spread across the internet, the more you will become known as an expert in your particular field. As your reputation spreads, people come to trust your judgement so they will be far more likely to purchase the products you advertise and recommend.

To recap, you www.clashroyalehackcheatss.xyz/gems-hack/ just need to choose your topic, write articles using keywords which attract plenty of searches but which don’t have too many competitors already and submit to top class article directories. You will be amazed at the viral effect of simply writing articles.

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