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Yellow Vaginal Discharge Treatment, Types of Vaginal Discharge

There are many types of vaginal discharge, each of them having different odor and color. Vaginal yellow discharge, if profuse, may carry some significance since it could be a symptom of vulvar vestibulitis or HPV condyloma virus. Normal vaginal secretion is to be white/transparent or colorless; grayish, moderately bloody. Green and other colors and foul smell of vaginal discharge could be a sign of STD (sexually transmitted disease) or some sort of infection.

Secretion from the vagina is generally abundant during gestational period, particularly just before the woman getting into a real share here labor.

Yellow vaginal discharge causes

There are many reasons that cause yellow vaginal discharge. Some important causes include ovulation, emotional distress, and sexual excitement; they all results in increased amounts of such secretion. To prevent such issues every woman must keep her genital area dry and clean. Also, it is advisable to use condoms to avoid STDs. One should not douche after menses or sexual intercourse and should have regular tests.

Other diseases and conditions that bring yellow vaginal discharge include:

?Cervical polyp
?Pelvic inflammatory disease
?Sexually transmitted disease
?Cervicitis — yellow vaginal discharge
?Chlamydia — yellow vaginal discharge
?Foreign body
?Vaginal cancer

Yellow vaginal discharge treatment

There are many ways to treat yellow vaginal discharge. However, before any treatment, one should know the exact cause. If it is supercell clash of clans hack due to some infection, proper antibiotic course is to be advised. In any case of yellow vaginal discharge, one should be very careful and should keep area clean and dry. In Ayurveda, such discharges are generally due to malfunctioning of the reproductive organs and hence they are to be treated accordingly.

Bath tub containing some medicated decoction may be useful in treating yellow vaginal discharge. The decoction of those potential herbs includes Ashoka, Lodra, Amalaki, Patola, Neem, Shigru etc. The decoction can be made by having leaves of those herbs and then boiling them in adequate amount of plain, fresh water. When the content turns half, the decoction is removed. It is again then poured into the bath tub water. A woman suffering from yellow vaginal discharge should immerse her body up to the neck and should stay in that position for about 15–20 minutes. Practicing this twice a day may help in getting rid of local infections.

Internal medications may include Ashokarishta, Lodrasava, Arogyavardhini Vati clashofclanshackonlines etc. Avoiding contaminated food, drinks and restricting the diet with fresh fruit juices, dark green leafy vegetables may aid in getting rid of yellow vaginal discharge. Also, one should be careful while indulging into sexual intercourse and should take care of any infection. Safe sex (using contraception, especially condoms) is very useful in preventing and treating yellow vaginal discharge.

One should stop using any chemically made solution to wash that area. Also, masturbation is highly contraindicated while undergoing yellow vaginal discharge. Such acts may trigger the infection and may turn the case from bad to worse.

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