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Machine of Mass

Machine of Mass

Atomic mass gadget (amu) and electron volt (eV)

In just the review of atomic and nuclear physics hundreds are expressed in just atomic mass machine abbreviated amu and energies are expressed within electron volt abbreviated eV.

The atomic mass device is explained as a person-twelveth of the mass of the carbon atom gC12. It is expressed inside of kg (SI gadget of mass) as follows :

The variety of atoms of gC12 within just one mole of carbon is 6.0221367 x 1023 (Avagadro selection). This implies that mass of 6.0 2 2 1 36 7 x 1023 atoms of 6C12 = 12 g = 12 x 10-3 kg.

r i ♦ f ^12 12 x 10~3 Mass of 1 atom of 6C =-kg

6.0221367 x10

1 12 1 amu = ?x mass of 1 atom of 6C



= 梮?12 x 10-?= 1.6605402 x 10~27 kg

12 6.0221367 x 10

For that reason, 1 amu (or just 1 u) is practically 1.661 x 10~27 kg.

The electron volt is described as the electricity uncovered by means of an electron Whilst it is accelerated during a foreseeable future change of 1 volt. It is expressed inside joule (SI machine of electrical energy) as follows :

1 electron-volt = 1 eV = (electron price) (l volt of p. d.)

= ^1.60217738 x 10~19 coulomb j (l volt)

= 1.60217738 x lO-19 joule Hence, one particular electron-volt is approximately equivalent in the direction of 1.602 x 10~19 J

Relation amongst amu and eV (1 amu = 931 MeV)

Atomic mass product is a gadget of mass though electron volt is a gadget of electrical power. The equivalence concerning share our website them can be accomplished against Einstein’s mass-electrical power relation. In accordance towards Einstein, the electricity identical of a sure mass ‚m’ is E = mc2 where by


c is the pace of mild within free of charge area. Already, 1 amu of mass is 1.6605402 x 10 kg. Consequently its electrical energy identical is specified through


?= m (within just kg) c2 (ms-1)


= 1.6605402 xlO-27 (kg) ^2.99792458 xl08j m2s~2

– 1.6605402 x 8.98755179 x 10~27 x 1016 kg m2s~2 E = 1.6605402 x 8.98755179 x 10″” J

. ‚ 1.6605402 x 8.98755179 xlO”11 ‚ r , ?t’nnt刵o 1n-19 ,1 i.e., E =–?eV v 1 eV = 1.60217738 x10 J

1.60217738 x 10 L J

= 9.314 xlO8 eV

E = 931.4 x 106 eV

i.e., E ~ 931 MeV v 106 eV = 1 Mevj

Hence, electricity similar of 1 amu of mass is approximately 931 MeV. Take note :

The atomic mass scale is a clean mass scale followed by way of world wide union of purely natural and employed physics inside of 1960 in the direction of evaluate atomic and nuclear hundreds. It is explained inside of text of the mass of 6C12 atom which is the maximum wealthy and strong isotope of carbon. This scale is gangstar vegas hack ios much too referred to as isotopic mass scale. As a outcome, mass of an atom or that of the nucleus of an atom is termed its isotopic mass.

Mass defect

Try the nucleus of an atom of atomic quantity Z and mass range .4, lzXA], It consists of Z protons and (A – Z) neutrons. If mp and mn are the absolutely free country unwind hundreds of a proton and a neutron respectively

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